Finance at The Orchard

Key Infomation

COVID Catch Up Funding

This academic year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and partial school closure during 2019-20, the Government has allocated £21,600 to provide 'catch up' for some children. At The Orchard we are providing this catch up through Senior Teacher 1:1 and small group tuition in phonics, writing and mathematics. Children have been selected following rigorous assessment.

Our first focus has been on teaching phonics to those children who were well below the usual standard and this has had high impact during the first half of the autumn term with a 30%+ improvement in phonics attainment.

Our current focus is on writing. The impact of the fund will be assessed through the analysis of children's independent work samples and through individual assessments and discussion.

Salaries over £100,000

It is a statutory duty to report any earnings over £100,000. There are no staff at The Orchard paid at or over £100,000. Please CLICK HERE for further details.