The Voice Education Trust


Who We Are

The Voice Education Trust was established in October 2009 as a charitable company limited by guarantee. The Trust is a group of four local schools who work in collaboration to ensure continuous improvement in all schools. The schools are: The Orchard School, Hurst Park Primary School, Chandlers Field Primary School and Burhill Primary School.

This year we are organising four Quality Assured Peer Reviews of the schools to support evaluation and improvement planning for each of our schools. We are also organising shared training and meetings for School and Curriculum Leaders. We are seeking business Partners who share our values and vision and are able to support our work.

This year our Chair is Gemma Adams, Head Teacher at Burhill Primary School.

Please do contact Sally Cary, Head Teacher at The Orchard if you require any further information.

Our Values and Vision

CLICK HERE to see our values and vision for the Voice Trust.