Our Curriculum, Learning and Teaching at The Orchard


At The Orchard we want all children to master skills and gain a deep, secure understanding of their knowledge across the curriculum.

We want the children to be motivated to learn, to be able to reason and use and apply their learning.

We will provide a language rich curriculum and high quality teaching for mastery supported by thorough planning and assessment to build on prior knowledge.

Principles of our Curriculum, Learning and Teaching

  1. We believe in creating a stimulating learning environment that enables the child to develop an attitude of enquiry and independent learning.

  2. We believe in promoting the 6 R's of Responsibility, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reasoning and Reflection and Respect.

  3. We believe children should develop as active, involved learners rather than as passive learners.

  4. We believe children should be taught knowledge and concepts through exciting, meaningful and purposeful contexts.

  5. We believe in identifying and assessing children’s learning needs and using this information to inform careful planning and differentiation to ensure the children achieve identified learning objectives.

  6. We believe that effective teaching is facilitated by reflection and discussion of policy and practice by teachers, support staff, governors and parents.

  7. We believe in teaching a broad and balanced curriculum to which every child is entitled, regardless of race, gender, ability or background.

  8. We have high expectations of all of the children in our school and believe in making these explicit to all of the children and adults in our school.

Characteristics of Learning at The Orchard

The learning tools and approaches we will use to develop these characteristics: