Reading at The Orchard

We ask parents and carers to listen to their children read each day if possible and we keep a diary to communicate the progress each child is making at school and at home. At school we individualise the reading programme for each child according to our assessments and are also informed by comments from home.

Reading should happen in a relaxed, quiet environment away from distraction. It should be enjoyable and part of a daily routine. Advice is given by school staff on how to support your child at home with their reading practise. Praise and encouragement lead to confidence in reading so the adult needs to be patient and calm.

Children need to develop good phonic knowledge and the skill to put this knowledge to use in their reading. When childrens' phonics knowledge is secure this supports children's fluent reading of whole words and sentences. Teachers inform parents about the phonic skills the children are learning so that they can practise these at home.

Children should want to read so it is important that the books offered are at an appropriate level for their understanding, interests and success. We emphasise that reading should be a part of home life, not just school so encourage you to enjoy a range of reading material together and not just the books we send home.

At the Orchard we use the Big Cat Collins reading books which are fully decodable. Once they can read words fluently and automatically without needing to blend they can read from a wider range of scheme and non-scheme books. We have a wealth of picture, fiction and non-fiction books to inspire the children’s reading and their progress.

Each child reads three times each week with a member of staff, twice in a small group and once individually. We have a daily reading lesson which ensures the children have a daily reading habit and provides the opportunity for staff to teach their children to read.

Each week you will be sent home a book which your child can read at 95% accuracy. This is their practise book. In addition you will receive a book from the 'book corner' which your child has chosen. This book is for you to enjoy together. It is for sharing and reading to your child to develop vocabulary, book language, spelling, and listening and above all a love for reading!

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