How do we support social and emotional needs at The Orchard?


Positive social and emotional development is key to all learning and is a central focus of our work so it is part of our work which is integrated and embedded in everything we do. Our approach includes the following elements and is dependent on a strong consistency of practice throughout the school. This consistency helps to create a strong culture of valuing each individual and high expectations.

  • Relationships with the children which are warm, nurturing, value and respect difference and support positive self esteem.
  • Teaching and modelling good behaviour, ways of managing social situations and emotions
  • Managing behaviour positively and consistently throughout the school
  • A shared language for talking about desirable behaviours
  • A focus on independent learning and each child's sense of responsibility in their own learning and behaviour
  • A commitment to ensuring success for every child
  • Additional support for children who have additional emotional and social need
  • A strong PSHCE and RSE curriculum which has time allocated to it
  • A strong emphasis on speaking and listening
  • Evaluation of Social and Emotional strengths and weaknesses and impact of school strategies and activities

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