Social Learning and Developing Good Behaviour


Our aim is that the children at The Orchard will be confident, independent learners. This requires the children to feel secure that they can do things by themselves and also that they know how to get along with others.

Praising your children for all the things they do by themselves and having high expectations for their independence are very important ways you can help your child. Before they start school it really helps them to feel independent- by dressing and undressing themselves, managing their self care- going to the toilet, flushing it and washing hands, playing at a friends house without you, etc. 

Staff will always help children manage the difficult things and help them to succeed in all aspects of their school life but children will always feel a greater sense of achievement and security if they can do things by themselves. It also gives them the confidence that they will be able to do other things by themselves. Our most important task when your child starts school is to enable him or her to feel secure in the school environment, to find what they need and to learn to be with other children and adults.

We expect the children to be considerate of each other, polite and well behaved at all times. They learn to take turns, share equipment and follow the instructions of the staff. Praise for good behaviour is essential at home and school- rewarding children for the kind and responsible things they do and making explicit what these “good” behaviours are. For example, “ I like the way you tidied your things away”..”I noticed how kind you were playing with your brother and letting him go first.”

At school the children will be introduced to the “6 R’s” gradually and are rewarded for behaviour and learning which is:

  • Responsible
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful
  • Reasoning
  • Reflective
  • Respectful