The Orchard School Day

8:45 am

Doors open

Classroom doors are opened to allow the children into school as they arrive, to alleviate congestion on the pathways and to avoid lining up.

8:55 am

School starts and doors close

The official starting time for school is 8.55 am. If you arrive after 8.55 am. you must take your child to be registered late at the school office.

The child’s time of arrival is registered and then a member of staff brings the child in and directs them to their classroom.  In this way we can be sure who is safely in the building.

Please inform the office by telephone when your child is absent and send a note to explain the absence when s/he returns to school.  If your child is absent for 5 days or more please send a doctors note.

Morning Break

We participate in the free fruit and vegetable scheme.  All children are offered a piece of fruit or vegetable each day at no charge to parents.

11:45 am -
12:45 pm Reception

12.15 pm - 1:15 pm
Years 1 & 2


Children have the choice of a hot dinner, provided on the premises, or a packed lunch brought from home.  There are three sittings for lunch and children sit with their friends from their class. 

Each class is looked after by its own midday meals' supervisor normally the Learning Support Assistant. We encourage healthy eating and expect the children’s packed lunch to include a drink, sandwiches, fruit and/or a yogurt.  We do not allow nuts or foods containing nuts due to allergies.

3:00 pm

School ends


The main door of the school which leads into our reception area is kept closed until 8.55 when all registers have been taken and all of the children have hung their coats up and are back in classrooms.  Parent helpers and visitors can then access the school via a buzzer system which is monitored by office staff at all times for security.

Access to the school at other times is from either the Bridge Gardens entrance or the Hansler Grove entrance.  There is a security entrance system which connects through to the school office via voice intercom.  None of the classroom doors can be opened from the outside. Visitors to the school must sign in at the office.