“Play provides the most natural, imaginative and motivating contexts for children to learn about themselves, one another and the world around them”, (Teaching and Play in the Early Years- a balancing act?, Ofsted, July 2015)

Play opportunities at home and school enable adults to observe, assess and interact with children whilst they are relaxed, having fun and initiating their own learning. Play provides us with the opportunity to see how children learn naturally and to see what they can put in to practise independently. Children’s play, where an adult is sensitive to individual needs and interests, also creates opportunities for teaching and modelling skills and providing challenge in a non- threatening environment when children will take more risks.

In playing with children and providing motivating play opportunities we can develop children’s:

Three characteristics of effective teaching and learning, (Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, September 2021), are:

At The Orchard we provide a stimulating environment and opportunities throughout the day to develop these characteristics. At home, recognising and promoting learning in everyday activities and play provides the most powerful, enjoyable and memorable kind of homework. Children enjoy being like their parents or carers!

CLICK HERE to read the 'Stautory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage' March 2021, effective September 2021.