Mrs Chloe Turi
Lead Teacher


Mrs Joanne Summerell
Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Julie-Ann Johnson
Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Victoria Avery
Learning Support Assistant

The Vision for The Orchard Specialist Resource Centre

A flexible individualised approach

Our Specialist Centre at The Orchard is an integral part of our inclusive mainstream school provision for 276 Infant children. The Centre is organised to provide flexible and individualised provision for six local children, (two in Reception, Year One and Year Two), who have complex speech, language, communication and interaction difficulties, SLCN- Speech Language and Communication Needs, and have an Education Health Care Plan. We are also able to offer assessment places, (where agreed by the Local Authority), for children who have not yet had an EHCP agreed but are at the stage of SEN Specialist support.

Maximising Inclusion

Each child who attends the Centre provision will belong to a mainstream class and have daily access to mainstream activities. Each child’s timetable will be adapted to his/her needs so that the best opportunities for 1:1 teaching combined with independent and class- based learning are organised throughout the school day using the most appropriate environment and resources.

Precision teaching

Each child has an individualised support plan and will be assessed through daily, individualised teaching and observations. Assessments will inform next steps and plans will be adapted to ensure precise, microscopic learning steps, created for each individual child. Outside agencies, (including Linden Bridge Special School Outreach, Behaviour Support, Learning and Language Support, OT and SALT) will be involved in guiding planning and strategies to support children where needed.

Provision includes access to:

Experienced, committed Staff

Our Staff Team for our Specialist Centre is led by a Senior Teacher, (Assistant Head Teacher) and our SENCO who are part of our Senior Leadership Team and responsible for The Orchard’s Inclusion Strategy. We have one full time and one part time Learning Support Assistant who are Centre based staff. In addition, some children are supported by mainstream school Learning Support Assistants. Throughout the day children will benefit from 1:1 and 1:2 staffing ratios.

Developing expertise and a repertoire to support all our children

The development of a Specialist Centre at The Orchard has already increased the repertoire, skill and confidence of all the Staff to provide for children within our mainstream provision. Children and Staff benefit from the learning arising from working with children with complex needs as well as working with Outside Agencies, Specialist Teachers and Assistants. Most importantly, all our Orchard Staff are highly committed and are supported by a culture, and well resourced learning environment designed to welcome and support a diverse community.